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Need modest improvements for human/business interaction mapping.

Mar 21, 2014 at 5:42 PM
I am looking at this for helping me map a large build at work to a database. I have two issues for handling this.

1.) Need markers to help map human input/business interactions to the many CRUD trx that happen in the application. For now I am looking for named markers with timestamps in them. Granted naming them quickly to not throw off placement in the log is a problem. The issue is dividing things rather than naming them. This is EXTREMELY handy for developers and app support staff who have to be able to map business trx to db tables. Just a simple button push to put timestamp banner in log? Nothing too fancy, just simple and obvious. This profiler is almost perfect for such a task.

2.) Looking for a way to cut down on clutter to env vars and such. As much as 2/3 of log is not app related. Granted you have filters built in, but something a bit more straight forward like a check box for hiding env variable traffic or a drop down of all db's on an instance that you are listening to. Help in focus on apps, rather than environment as an option is the idea I am shooting for here.

Has anything like this been suggested? I see a wave of usage sweep discovery gathering on any app that uses service based Sql Server. Potentially even listening to production side by side that may enhance or replace fiddler in many cases. Definitely a power tool! Just a little help in mapping to human/business interactions. A perfect world would be mapping an app log from Fiddler to this log for app discovery for a legacy developer like myself who is short on help and long on requests.

Have a lot going on now, and therefore resistive to personally taking this on. Still may do for self as this is very enticing to make me self sufficient at a new job and I am guessing that this could be done full time in a week, irregularly in part time in month.